[2015] Michael Jolly (BMA-LEB, BMA-IBT): Types od Advertising Media

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[2015] Michael Jolly (BMA-LEB, BMA-IBT): Types od Advertising Media

Types of Advertising Media

Television and radio are two traditional broadcast media long used in advertising.

Support media include several options for message delivery than normally add to or expand campaigns delivered through more traditional media. Billboards, transits, bus benches, aerial, directories and trade publications are common support media.

Magazines and newspapers are the two traditional print media. Magazines offer a highly selective audience who is generally interested in ads closely related to the topic of the magazine.

Broadcast Media

Print Media

Support Media

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an interactive approach to advertising that has picked up in usage in the early 21st century. It includes direct mail, email and telemarketing.

Product Placement

BY: Michael Jolly


Another newer advertising technique is product placement. This is where you offer compensation to a TV show, movie, video game or theme park to use your product while entertaining audiences.


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