Types of People and Treatments in the Camp

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World War II

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Types of People and Treatments in the Camp

Types Of People & Treatments In The Camps

Millions of people such as Jews, Gypsies, POWs, and criminals were put into concentration camps. While in the camps, prisoners were segragated based on beliefs.

Shoes were important to the prisoners, because if they were "too nice," the Nazis would take them away. Some would make their new shoes look old by walking through or rubbing mud on them.

Most camps had gas chambers like the one here. When prisoners arrived to the camps, some people got put in the gas cambers and killed just because of things like age or because of weakness.

People were sent to Concentration Camps for many reasons such as:-They were part of a group that was targeted for mass murder-They were a "security suspect," or -They were a part of a national resistance movement

The prisoners of the camps got a combination of numbers and letters on their arms. This was how officers addressed the prisoners.

Jews were forced to wear the Star of David on their clothes. They were told they were being moved because the front was coming near their homes. The SS/SA officers put about 80 people per cattle car.

2:32 Video of Camp Auschwitz today

The treatment in the camps were harsh. The officers didn't feed the prisoners enough food, or give them enough water. Most of the prisoners died from malnourishment or sickness & diseases.


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