Type II Diabetes

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Type II Diabetes

Who Does Type II Diabetes Affect"This can affect anyone with bad eating and exercising habits

What is it"Type II Diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin for normal bodily function. Type II Diabetes is less dangerous than Type I. Most people with Type I Diabetes need to inject insulin into themselves using a pump of some sort. People with Type II still need to watch their sugar intake, but not nearly as much as people with Type I.

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Type II Diabetes

What Can Cause This"You can either get this disease from your family genes passing the genetic mutation on to you or from a lack of exercise combined with poor eating habits

SymptomsSome symptoms include the urge to pee frequently, extreme thirst, dry mouth, abnormal weight loss, extreme hunger, blurred vision, numbness, extremely dry skin, skin infections, fatigue, and the slowed healing process of minor scrapes and wounds.

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Possible Cures/TreatmentsMake an effort to exercise more often and make better dietary decisions. Think to yourself: ''Do I really need this McDonald's"

Are There Any Other Types"There is Type I Diabetes, in which the pancreas produces little to no insulin.. Those with Type I Diabetes need to get an insulin pump in order to keep a steady blood sugar level. Type I Diabetes is a more fatal version of Type II Diabetes. However, both diseases are detrimental to the body and should not be taken lightly.

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What Part of the Body Does Type II Diabetes Affect"This disease affects one's bloodstream and blood sugar level. The pancreas is also affected.

How can I Prevent This"You can eat right and exercise at least two to three times a week.

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