Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETESIn order to prevent diabetes is to live a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to have fruits vegetables and grains, such as avocados,oranges, colliflower, whole wheat bread etc.Those foods that you need to consume contain little to zero amount of glucose that helps your pancreas break down the right amount of sugar. Another very important elemant is exercise.You should aim to do atleast 30 minutes of phisical activity a day and start to lose about 7% of your body weight . What this does is it gets rid of extra glucose or fat that your body does not need. If someone is suffering from diabetes they should still work hard to achieve these things.

By: Georgia kouroukis

WHAT CAN DOCTORS PRESCRIBE FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES?-Most people can handle diabetes by living a healthy lifestyle. -Others may need doctors to prescribe them with certain pills / medicine. -The medicane mostly targets blood glucose to maintain the amount of sugar in there system.

WHAT IS TYPE 2 DIABETES?Diabetes is a disease when your pancreas does not produce enough of your Insulin.Or it doesn't react well when Insulin is being made. Insulin is a substance inside your pancreas that breaks down the glucose to give you energy or stores it for later on. A Pancreas is something that takes in the glucose ( sugar) etc , and lets out whatever the Insulin chooses to do to it. Type 2 diabetes is when your body consumes to much glucose and your body looses energy and does not break down sugar well anymore. Type 1 diabetes is when you are born with a problem in your Pancreas.

HOW DOES DIABETES AFFECT YOUR EVERYDAY LIFESince your body looses a lot of energy from diabetes, it will not be as easy for you to get to other places because you will notice yourself getting tired very easily ( also having a hard time dealing with problems). You may have to go to the washroom more often and will feel more thirsty than usual.It will become very difficult for some people to resist any type of sweets or fatty foods.

DO MALES OR FEMALES GET DIABETES MORE OFTEN?-Both genders have equally the same risk of getting diabetes, however, females may get it a bit more than males do.-It usually runs in the family or it is based on your culture- Another way someone could get it more than another is at a certain age, at about any age above 40 years old.

SYMPTOMS/AFFECTS-Diabetes could lead to a number of problems such as weight loss, heart strokes, blood vessel disease or even death.- Energy is not going through your body from glucose.If you do not treat your body well than these elemts will get even worse.-In this presentation I will be telling you some foods and workouts that will prevent diabetes

WHAT FOODS CAUSE DIABETES?-The types of foods that cause diabetes are ones that contain sugar and fat. -Mostly anything that isn't very good for your body. Such as icecream, lolipops,cake,fast food restaurants, etc. -These items affect your pancreas if you consume too much, or your body has a hard time breaking it down.

It is important to keep away from any sweets or fatty foods.It does not do the body good

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iNTERESTING FACT:About one third of the people with diabetes have no idea they even have it!!

INTERESTING FACT:The estimated cost of treating diabetes and all the complications is about $215-375 billion US dollars because of the amount of people with the disease

WARNING:Diabetes can lead to blurry vision or even becoming blind!


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