Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes

by: Brianna & Jazz

Type 2 Diabetes

Backround of the DiseaseType 2 diabetes is when the body is unable to properly use the insulin hormone. This causes the glucose to backup in the blood stream. Therfore, one's blood sugar rises too high. This is called an insulin resistance. This disease usually occurs in people that become over weight and have a family history of the disease. This disease is most common in people who are over 40, but it is occuring more often in younger people, usually obese adolecents.

Diet RecommendationsIf you have diabetes then you need to follow a meal plan. If you don't follow a meal plan then you could become very ill. If you do then it can inprove your blood glucose, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Having a healthy diet can also keep your weight on track. A healthy diet consists of foods with lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Being diagnosed with diabetes you also need to have a balance of insulin, oral medication, and excersise to help manage your blood glucose levels, but the treatments can very from person to person. If this is too much for you to handle then you can ask your doctor and/or dietitian to help create a meal plan specific for you.

Symptoms-Excesive thirst-More urination-Less energy-Fatigue -Ketones in urine -Weight loss-Blurry vision-Swelling of the foot or ankle

Treatments -Excersise -Diet-Weight loss

Exercise & lifestyle Recommendations-30 minuites of moderate to vigorous intesity arobic exercise 5 days a week.-No more than 2 days in a row without exercise. -10 minute walk after each meal.-Strength training 2 times per week.-If you smoke or use tobacco products ask your doctors to help you stop.-If you drink alcohol, do it resposibly. Drinking too much can cause your blood sugar to spike or drop.

Careers Psychologist- There are many types of Phsycologists in the medical feild. One type of Psychologist studies the human mind to help us better understand human behavior, mental health disorders, and memory. Psychologists can also help diabetics to cope with their new lifestyle. Diabetics often become overwhelmed with the new changes and can't handle the adjustments.Podiatrist- A Podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in foot disorders. They can also treat patients that have problems with their ankle and/or lower extremities, since they also study those type of disorders as well. Podiatrists can help diabetics as well, since diabetics sometimes have swelling of the feet and/or ankles.Endocrinologist- A Endocrinologist is a doctor that specializes in the Endocrine System. This means that they help with any problems related to glands or organs in the Endocrine System. The Endocrine System consists of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, testes(male), and ovaries(female). They also treat diabetics when they have problems with their pancreas. This is very common with diabetics, since the pancreas is usually where the problem first starts in a diabetic.

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"If I can be healthy, so can you!" -Carlos


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