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Hello!!My name is Kristýna Pešková, but my friends call me just Týna. I live in a flat in a part of Děčín which is called Boletice.I have got one sister, her name is Eliška and two brothers. Their names are Jan and Jakub.At home I have a guinea pig, her name is Ťapka and I have had her for five years.

My hobby is playing volleyball. I really love it. We play volleyball with Eliška together. At school I'm good at P.E., Biology and at German, I like English too. But I don't like Czech and History. When I'm at home I like chatting with my friends. One day I would like to travel to many countries, but there must be hot and sunny. I don't know what I want to do in the future.

Me and my best friends Natka and Eliška.

We at a tournament.

I like Katty Perry, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5.

That's what our journey to tournament looks like.

Me when I was little with the best daddy.

Kristýna Pešková



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