Tyler's Model of Curriculum Development

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Tyler's Model of Curriculum Development

"It is what he does that he learns, not what the teacher does."

1. Determine the school's purposes (objectives)2. Identify educational experiences related to purpose3. Organize the experiences4. Evaluate the purposes

This model was developed by Ralph Tyler in the 1940's. It is a scientific approach to curriculum development. The Tyler Model is one of the strongest models to use for curriculum development. It combines four easy steps to successful student learning.

What is this model?

Tyler's Model of Curriculum Development

The Four Steps

- are related to intended outcomes rather than the process for achieving those outcomes- are specific and measureable - concerned with students rather than teachers

Examples of Each Step1. One objective for ELA could be students will be able to write a persuasive essay.2. The teacher could model how to properly write an essay. The persuasive essay could be on a topic that the student is interested in writing about.3. To organize the experiences, the teacher has decided he/she will model how to properly write an essay. After, the students will practice writing an essay while completing a graphic organizer before their final copy.4. The teacher will assess if the students are able to complete an essay on their own. If the students can complete a persuasive essay on their own without assistance, the objective of the lesson has been met.

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Check out this video about Ralph Tyler!


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