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I'm in Catoosa, Oklahoma!

From tulsa to me is 16.31 miles

The Blue Whale

The Blue WhaleBy Tyler Cheadle and Bryce GoinesThe Blue Whale was on the Route 66, located in Catoosa OK. It was built in 1972 by a man named Hugh Davis as a surprise for his wife. You can even see it from the road. He even built the pond it is in. It is 16.31 miles from Tulsa and takes about 20 minutes to go to the Blue Whale. It cost $1,910.00 dollars because it was built by him and some friends. It was made out concrete and steel. It took a long time because he had to figure out how to get the money for each part of building it. It took 126 sacks of concrete. It was a fun water park, but now you can’t swim in it, but you can still go inside it.


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