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Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe By Neeka Ghodsi

Life and Death

Before His Work

Tycho Ottesen Brahe (or Tyge Ottesen Brahe) was born on the 14th of December, 1546 in Skane, Denmark, now modern-day Sweden. He died in 1601 in Prague, Czech Republic, because of over embalishment in food and wine.

After His Work

Why is this Individaul Imporatant and what was his importance?

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Tycho Brahe's work and rivalry against Johannes Kepler, how he stole his work and made his 2nd Law. Watch til 6:38.

Tycho Brahe's importance isn't as immense as Kepler's, because Tycho Brahe could not think of a theory on how these planets orbit the way he thought they would, and couldn't admit he needed help, so that being made him selfish, and I think the video stated wrong, I think he did live in vain, for not having the courage to team up with his rival so that he too, could get credit for his work, but he decided to take his life away by being a fool. Other peoples opinions may differ from mine, because he may have also been a good man because he was the one who created these observations, and Kepler is the bad one for steling his work, when in fact he helped him.

After his death, Kepler had a plan to steal his work from his family, to make it his own. When he succeeded, he had to observe Tycho's observations carefully and prove if his observations were correct in a sense with a mathematical equation. He failed many times before one of his mathematical matched perfectley with Tycho's observations. In his observations, the orbit had the sun not directley in th center, but more offset, but still the focus. When the planet orbits the sun like this, When it is farther, it goes slower, when it nearer, it goes faster. This is why we say "The planets forever fall near the Sun, but never reaching it". The planet also creates areas when it is orbiting. When it is farther from the sun, the are is more slender, when its nearer, it more squat. But they all have the same areas. That is how Kepler made his mathematical equation, which is also the equation to show how a planet changes its speed in relation to its distance, creating Kepler's 2nd law.

People had the understanding of the sun being in the center of the solar system, but thought that the orbits around sun were perfectly circular, but Brahe had observations of the planets orbits being more eliptical than circular, but couldn't come with a theory. Tycho Brahe was known for his observations in the solar system, while his biggest rival, Johannes Kepler, was the theoretician of his time, and Brahe giving his work to his rival was an idea that would be impossible. A few months later, in 1601, Brahe had died of over indulgance in food and wine, so he could not continue his work.


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Important Event:When Tycho Brahe was discussing a mathematical equation with a student, they had differences in thoughts. They braweled, and his student sliced his cartilage of his nose, and had to wear a coveringon his nose since then. (In 1566)



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