Two Bobbies

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Two Bobbies

Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends.

'Two Bobbies is about a dog and a cat that get left behind during Hurricane Katrina. They are not rescued and struggle to survive without having food and water. Luckily, they come upon a construction site where a worker feeds them and takes them to a shelter. At the shelter, it is discovered that the cat is bllind and relies on the dog for guidance. This amazing friendship gets national attention due to this fact. Finally, in the end, they are adopted and given an amazing home.

"Two Bobbies"

Hurricane Katrina left 250,000 pets to care for themselves. Thanks to rescue efforts and emergency animal shelters in the days and weeks following this destructive hurricane, 10,000 animals were saved.

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The Story about ... survival, friendship and kindness


* Hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in the U.S.*The levees protecting New Orleans were designed for a Category 3 hurricane, Katrina was a Category 5.*Thousands of people were left homeless and unemployed due to the devestation of this storm.*Over 70 countries donated money or assistance to help the U.S. after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina

Did you know?

The Life of Hurricane Katrina

Kindness Counts


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