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Fun Fact!Twitter is now worth more than 5 BILLION, climbing up to 10 billion on secondary markets.



Twitter is a handy app when wanting to promote your business. Twitter allows you to make "twitter" cards, which are links you can click on leading people straight to your website. Also, Twitter allows adds to be placed on anyones "timeline" to help advertise.

Twitter is a social media website composing of 140 character messages (tweets) communicating to all of your friends and family, which are known as "followers". It's very easy to stay updated with direct messages which you can just send to one person or a whole group together.

Twitter is now used by over 500 million people with more than 340 tweets posted a day.

Twitter was founded in July 2006, by Jack Dorsey (web designer), Evan Williams (formal google employee), Biz Stone(formal google employee), and Noah Glass (original founder).


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