Twitter - Building a PLN

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Twitter - Building a PLN

Twitter - Your PLN

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter in Teacher English

Why Twitter?- To never use Google to search for resources, lessons, activities, etc- To meet and discuss with other educators about issues in education- To share and receive an ABUNDANCE of resources.- To get questions answered from a global community of educators- To keep up to date about what is going on in Education all over the world- To be more knowledgeable- To be more connected- You can either "listen," or you can listen and be engaged.

Why a PLN?

What My PLN Means To Me

Five Reasons Educators Should Network

Nine Great Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Twitter

Twitter 4 Teachers

We Connect Twitter Information

50 Easy Ways To Improve Your Twitter Experience

How to Become a Twitter Teacher in 23 Easy Steps

Just Tweet It Education Directory

Do You Tweet? As an Educator... You Should

A Teacher's Guide to Twitter

Twitter Handbook For Teachers

Mashable: Guidebook to Twitter

Twitter Clients

Twitter Tutorial Videos

Twitter Will Have You Smiling!

#EdChat - A weekly chat every Tuesday about Education on Twitter with the topic decided via a poll. A great place to get started!

Hashtag Definitions

Hashtag Directory

Creating a Personal Learning Network

What My PLN Means to Me #2

Developing a PLN


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