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Twisted Summer

Twisted Summer By: Willo Davis ROBERTS

RISING ACTION: Cici a 14 year old girl who is coming back to her and her familys cottage, from missing the summer before. Instead of spending a sunny summer by the lake she trys to solve a murder that happend the summer before, even if she gets caught.CLIMAX: As the family and friends grieve over grandma Molly's passing, Cici is investing the murder of Zoe and still putting peices together. One sudden night Cici hears a footsteps outside of her bedroom door she follows the figure outside the cottage and to the Wades' cabin. Finally Cici makes out the lurking figures, the Judge and Carl Trafton.CONCLUSION: After Cici gets cought eavesdropping and the police are their way, the Judge comes clean. Carl Trafton was blackmailing the Judge beacause he was a eye witness of grandma Molly doing a hit and run. Carl Trafton uses this against the Judge in order for Carl to keep quiet the judge sends checks made out for a thousand dollars, for fourteen months. But as noise Zoe is cost her, she annoyed the Judge about it. The Judge got sick of it and decided to keep her quiet, he knew Zoe was still alive and brething when he left her. The only thing that he did not know was that Carl went into the cabin where the Judge left her Carl went in and kept her quiet for good.

By: Michaela Gheorghiu 3rd Hour

Cici: Cici is a 14 year old girl with a curious personality and quick to asume things. This summer she planned to have a romantic summer at the beach but instead she's solving a murder that happend the summer before. When cici finds out from her couson Ginny she's quick to start piecin clues together. But in the prosses of figuring out Zoe's murder she's also trying to get Jack's attention, she finally thinks that this summer will be different and Jack will consider her as big kids now.

Jack: Jack is a 17 year old chrming boy with a corky personality. The brother of brody which supposably killed Zoe. Jack is also a childhood friend of Cici's. Since Brody got sent off to prison his mom and himself have been getting snubbed by everyone in town, since everyone believes Brody's innocent. Besides that Jack takes a crakck at helping Cici solve the murder and prove that his brother, Brody was not at fault for Zoe's murder.

Judge (Grandpa): Grandpa got the nickname "judge" because he is a retired judge and now a pillar for the Timber community, he has quite a reputation as well. He's also Cici's step-grandpa. Plus the judge is at fault for Brody getting sent off to prison. He also shot Cici to scare her away so she would get the message to stop messing Zoe's murder, as well as he quote got angryand stragled Zoe with her beaded necklace. In the end Grandpa admits to Jack and Cici the real story.

Author: Willo Davis Roberts was born on May 29, 1928 and past away on November 19, 2004. She married David W. Roberts in 1949 and had 4 children. She was a american writer, primarily wrote chidrens mystery, gothic, historical, and adult novels. The book Twisted Summer was published in 1996. Sadly she passed away in 2004 from heart failure at the age of 76. Her long career lasted for 50 years! Her first book she writen was "Murder at Grand Bay" in 1995. She wrote 99 books her 100th book would have been "The one left behind".

Setting 1: The main setting in this book is Crystal Lake, this location has many cottages and families that share them. Cici and her parents share their cottage with the Judge (granpa), Grampa Molly, Aunt and uncles, cousin Ginny, and some other littler kids. Also the lake is where Cici get away from the cottage and goes meets Jack to go boating and swimming. Also the lake was apart of Brody's alibi when Zoe got murdered. Therefore the lake was the main setting where everthing took place.

Lesson/Message/Theme: In my opinion the theme would be murder because this girl Cici is figuring out and piecing clues together. Either it being snoopy through draws and other peoples belongings or asking people question what they thought of Zoe and for what reason she was killed. Even her personality fits into the theme, her curiousity and the suspense of the book it's self. This books lesson in life is that sometimes your curiosity goes over board and make you not think. Also Zoe's personality was she got into peoples buisness, which costed her life. "Think before you do".


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