Twenty One Pilots

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Twenty One Pilots

1.Launch/Team::Figure your group out. Get a team name. Figure out driving question.2.Plan::Plan on how your project is going to look like. Indentify driving question.3.Resaerch/Work::Poject leader facitiles daily opening huddle4.Create/Critique::Brief plan protocl again. Adjust plan as needed5.Share::Team presents solution. Team refelcts on solution

1.Porcedures::Launch/team,Plan,Research work,Create/Critique, and Share2.Polcies::Go to the restroom before or after class.Don't talk while the teacher is talking.Listen to the instructions the teacher gives you.Have a postive attidude.


Classify the 5 protocls with a visual representation within the Elm System?

Devolops the componets of refrence guide with Mrs.Edwards classroom?

1~Go to the restroom when you come in if you have to.2~No HW unless you didn't finish something in class.3~Don't use the S word.4~Raise you hand.5~DO NOT talk when the teacher is talking.

*Computers and related electronics resources have come to play a central role in education * Electronic tools can make classes more efficient lectures more compelling informative and varied reading assignment more extensive interesting and accessible discussion more free ranging and challenging and student papers more original and well researched.

Directed questions and open-ended questions play equally important roles in learning. Directed questions should not be the focus of a project. However, they aid students in understanding key facts and, therefore, form the foundation of all projects.

Determine a relevant print and mobile sources in the classroom?

classify of a debate resolution resolution plan with recommendation?

Open-ended survey and answers relate the driving question?

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