Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night

One of the plot twist in the Twelfth Night is when Sir Toby Belch convinces Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Cesario into a duel that neither of them wanted to fight in for his own benefit, and Antonio suddenly barges in and mistakes Cesario for Sebastian. Another plot twist would be that Sebastian wanders and meets Olivia and she mistakes him for Cesario. Better yet, Sebastian is stunned by her beauty and Olivia is so surprised "he" suddenly like her that she rushes to get a priest and they get married.

Plot Twist


William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. His father was John Shakespeare and his mother was Mary Arden. He had 7 siblings, but not all of them made it into adulthood. He went to Stratford grammar school, where he had a good education. However, no one knows when he left. Later on, he married Anne Hathaway of Shottery when he was 18 and she was 26. They had 3 children: Susanna (May 1583) , twins Hamnet & Judith (Februrary 1585). After the birth of his twins he went into a period historians call the “Lost Years” because he disappeared off record. Shakespeare arrived in London around 1588 and began to build his legacy as an actor and playwright. Not long after he became part owner of a theatrical company, the Globe Theatre, and becoming the creator of famous plays, Shakespeare wrote his will, and died in 1616, leaving his legacy to the world.WORKS CITED:Holmes, John R., Robert Jr. F. Willson, and Joseph Rosenblum. "William Shakespeare: The Dramatist." Biography Reference Center. Salem Press, Apr. 2003. Web. 13 May 2014.Pressley, J. M. "Shakespeare's Biography." Shakespeare Resource Center -. N.p., 30 Apr. 2014. Web. 20 May 2014.

Allusion- a reference to mythology, historical event, science, religion, ect.1) Toby- To the gates of Tartar, thou most excellent devil of wit! (Act 2 Scene 5) Its referencing to Tartar which is hell or underworld in ancient Greece.2) Fool- Now Mercury endue thee with leasing, for thou speakest well of fools! (Act 1 Scene 5) It is referencing the greek god of deception.3) Fool- I say, there is no darkness but ignorance, in which thou art more puzzled than the Egyptians in their fog. (Act 4 Scene 2) It is referencing that he is more confused than egyptians when they had a wave of the plague.4) Fool- Truly, madam, he holds Beelzebub at the staves' end as well as a man in his case may do. (Act 5 Scene 1) Beelzebub is satan and gods enemy in religions.

Viola and her twin, Sebastian are separated after a shipwreck in the sea. Viola is saved by the Sea Captin find themselves in a land called Illyria where she gets a job, dressed as a man named Cessario, in Duke Orsino's Court. After working of a little while, Viola becomes Orsino's right hand man. After hearing Orsino speak poeticly, she falls in love with him, but Orsino is in love with lady Olivia. In attempt to convince Olivia to love him, Orsino tells Cesario (Viola) to woo her for him. Olivia adamantly tells Cesario that she doesn't love Orsino. Olivia falls in love with Cesario (Viola) around the same time Viola (Cesario) falls in love with Orsino. Cesario says that Olivia is cruel to not return her masters love while Olive tries to get Cesario to visit more causeing awekward moments. In the end everything is resolved.


Direct- Stating what the character is likeInderect- writer shows what character is likeOne character that changes throughout the story in The Twelfth Night, is Olivia. In the beggining of the play Olivia states that she would be mourning for her brother for seven years. This is direct characterization because the writer states that she is mourning and that means she is sad and may be a bit depressed. Later on, Olivia falls in love with Cesario, and has a totally different mindset on life. Instead of mourning over her brother she becomes happier whenever Cesario appears. Writer uses inderect characterization to show this. We know this because she talks about love and always rushes to meet Cesario. Olivia changges in the story from doomy to happy.

The sub plot starts when Maria, Sir Toby, Fabian, and Sir Andrew decides to play a trick on Malvolio for being mean to everyone. To trick Malvolio, Maria writes a letter in Olivia's handwriting that proclaims Olivia's love him. She tells the three men to hide behind a bush while she drops the letter in Malvolio's path. When Malvolio finds it, he opens it out of curiosity, and finds that it is for him. It says that if he accepts her love he has to fulfill four requests "Olivia" has made for him: he must wear his stockings cross-gartered, yellow stockings, smile ridiculously, and be mean to everyone. Once he exits, the three men go to Maria to ask her why she wrote those requests, and she tells them that Olivia hates yellow, cross-gatering, and smiling is not acceptable because she is morning. When Malvolio goes to Olivia, to accept her love, he is simling crazily, cross- gartered, and wearing yellow stockings. He tells her that he has gotten her letter and acceptes her love. But because Olivia did't write the letter, she thinks Malvolio has goen insane and has Sir Toby take him a way. Sir Toby takes Malvolio and locks him in a dark dungeon. Then Feste comes in dressed as Sir Topaz, a priest, and begins speaking to Malvolio. Malvolio tells him that it is as dark as hell and that he is not insane, but Feste says that the room is as bright as day. Feste pretends to leave, takes off his disguise, and begins singing. Malvolio calls him over and tells him asks him for paper, pen, and light so he can write a letter to Olivia. When Olivia recives his letter she ask for him to be released. Malvolio, who feels that Olivia has done him wrong, ask Oliva why she treats him like a madman and gives her the letter "she" wrote. Oliva tells him that is Maria's handwriting not her's. Enraged, Malvolio yells out, "I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you," and storms to his room.

Historical: ~Henry V- written in 1599, part of a tetralogy about King Henry V and his life~Richard 111- written around 1591, Comedy: ~Midsummer Night’s Dream- 1590’s, story that is set in Athens~Twelfth Night- written 1606, is a story of an awkward love pentagonRomance:~Romeo and Juliet- about lovers that come from feuding families Tragedy: ~Hamlet- written in 1566-1601, one of his longest and popular plays~Macbeth- written 1603-1606, it is believed to be a cursed playWORKS CITEDHEROAJAX. "Top 10 Greatest Shakespeare Plays - Listverse." N.p., 10 July 2008. Web. 23 May 2014.

Shakespeare: Biography




Direct & Inderect Characterization


Most Famous Play's

Verbal Irony-figure of speech in which what is said is opposite of what is meantSituational Irony-takes place when an outcome of a situation is different then what's expected. outcome usually unfairDramatic Irony-the situation is understood by the audience but not the characters.Examples for Each:1) Duke Orsino- That say thou art a man: Diana's lip. Is not more smooth and rubious; thy small pipe. Is as the maiden's organ, shrill and sound, And all is semblative a woman's part. He is describing Cesario as a girl and saying he looks like one, and he actually is correct but doesn't know it.2) Olivia loves Cesario who is actually a girl; Viola loves Orsino, who thinks she is a guy; and Orsino loves Olivia and tells Cesario to court her for him. No one fully knows who they are loving in the love triagle.3) Fool-I do not know you; nor. I am not sent to you by my lady, to bid you come. speak with her; nor your name is not Master Cesario; nor this is not my nose neither. Nothing that is so is so. Feste is being sarcastic to Sebastian because Feste thinks that he is Cesario and that Cesario is pretending not to know him.


Act One Scene Two

In act 1 scene 2 Viola is talking to the Sea Captain, who saved her from drowning. Viola is depressed because she thinks her brother is dead, but the Sea Captain raises her hopes. She asks him about Illyria and what there is to do. Viola decides to work for Duke Orsino, the ruler of Illyria, in disguise as a man. ActorsJasmin L.-Sea CaptainCara Y.- ViolaVideo taken by Mr.Chair


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