TVs Typing and Phones

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TVs Typing and Phones

Would you belive that T.Vs were once 40 inch boxes with 5 inch screens? The First T.V was made in 1851 by a scientist by the name of Frederick Bakewell had created the first working TV at that time the TV was so slow that you could count the frames. These days T.Vs run atmost 400 frames per second and you can't forget that they weren't in colour. One version of the T.V worked by having a spinning disk with holes in it, so then each hole scanned a line of an image displaying image after image (frames). This was called the Nipkow disk patentented by a man named Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow though he didn't make a working version of a T.V his design became very common in most of the T.Vs. Skip To the 1890's the first of the colour T.Vs were in the making and the man to do it would be Jan Szczepanik he had already made the design and made the T.V in 1897. It didnt look as he expected it to and so Scottish inventor John Logie Baird created another design this time with three altering lights illuminating through a spiraling disk of colours portraying colour transmission. Skip forward, past Plasma T.Vs we find the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)Televisions, (the ones we use now) These worked by having a Liquid crystal display with a light diffuser on it have the backlight shine on it, to make the source of light uniform across the screen. Contrary to most T.Vs the screen does not flicker, instead it uses a sample proccess that keeps an image to hold on the screen. The LCD T.V is cheaper to light and can be alot brighter. It is currently the T.V's of our generation and is one of the best design yet.




The Typewriter was one of the most best invention of its time, without it we would be stuck with a print press or even hand writing. The first typewriter was first made comercially succsessful by Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, Samuel W. Soule. There was the Hansen writing ball that came before it but it only really became succsessful in Europe. It was also a ball with letters sticking out of it so I cant imagine it being the succsessor of the keyboard you and I are using today. Sholes typewriter was the one we are used to seeing in our grandparents closets, it was the origianal that inspired the first keyboard, thats where we skip years to the Invention of the first of the best; the qwerty keyboard (look down at the first 6 letters of your keyboard you'll know why it was call qwerty). Now since most typewriters used the qwerty layout we could give credit to Sholes who invented the Typewriter but to dig deeper we will find the first keyboard that worked with some of the best computers, the inovative ones. If any of us were to guess it would be microsoft, microsofts best keyboard is pretty old (very old) but is proclaimed to be the best, with its ergonomic design and duribility, it lasted long and was easy to use. Today we use the same type of keyboard just more better looking, not much difference in the funtionality.

Telephones were made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 at first there was the Candle phone. A device seperated into two peices; the earpiece and the mouthpiece. Thankfully in the Rotary phone they decided to combine both the peices into one knob. The mouth at the bottom and the ear at the top. These phones worked by conecting to a phone line (a wire) and sending your voice on a converted electricity line. Later on there was the phone that most people call "the Brick phone" mainly for the large size and the resemblance to a brick. This phone has the same concept as the rotary phone but this time instead of a wire in the wall you have a bulky antena on your phone and radio signals instead of a wires converted voice signal. Although the brick phone had the whole concept down they did not have the mobility that our phones have today, to have that we find ourselfs in the 1990's and the early 2000's here we find the Nokia 6000 this phone was both eficient and afordable, and with its small size it is very mobile. This phone is all anyone needs but alot of the new phones from companies like Samsung, SONY, and Apple, have gotten so much more advanced, now almost every smartphone is able to connect to the internet. This is what makes every phone so much more useful then the nokia phones and the brick phones, with the new technology everything is located online, so if you want to look up Apples stocks its a flick and a press away. Instead of going to NewYork to buy stocks you can do it strait from your phone. This is what defines this generation of phones and this concludes my presentation of Phones Typing And T.Vs.

Did you know?Alex G. Bell's mother was deaf



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