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Rise to power:After his father died he was only nine through twelve and had to become pharaoh at a young age.

King Tutankhamun

Leadership style:He was absolute, imperious, and overbearing his power and control, like a dictator.

Tutankhamun from the back of his gold throne

Major Accomplishments:He restored the primacy of the god Amun, whose worship his father akhenaten had forbidden in favor of worshipping Aten. He also tried to improve diplomatic relations outside Egypt. In connection with the restoration of Amun, he had embarked on new building projects at Kanak and Thebes. Failing the diplomacy, his forces fought battles aganist the Nubians to the south.

Tutankhamun mother Kiya, a lesser wifre of Akhenaten

Family life:King Tut married Ankhesenpaaten who was his half-sister. His parents were Akhenaten and Nefertiti. King tut and Ankhesenpaaten had two children still born. Unfortunately, their tiny mummies were buried in the same tomb with their father.

Other information:King Tut was a pharaoh during the 18th dynasty also during New Kingdom. he was the twelfth ruler of the 18th dynasty.

Battles and Conquests:His force fought aganist the Nubians from the south. He conquered all of Egypt.

Kiya or King Tut;s Father

Idiosyncrasies/unusual traits:King Tut was the product of a brother and sister union, and so had the characteristic for a big stomach that most people in this way have. His neck was allegedly fused in a fixed position.

Building Projects:Even his extensive building carried out at temples of karnark and Luxor were claimedby Horemhed. His building work at karnark and Luxor included the continuation of entrance colonnades of the amenhotep 111 temple at Luxor.


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