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Turtles and tortoises are easily mixed up. These are some similarities and differences to help you tell them apart. First of all, turtles live in water and tortoises live on land. This means turtles have webbed feet while tortoises do not. Similarities about the two are that they both have shells and they are both reptiles. The shell provides protection by it being strong and it's ability to hold the turtle or tortoises' head and legs. They are both reptiles, which means they both lay eggs. Turtles and tortoises live over 20 years, but tortoises live longer. Turtles live 20-40 years while tortoises live 80-150 years. The oldest living turtle was 326 years old. On the other hand, the oldest living turtle was only 86 years. This information will help you tell the the difference between turtles and tortoises.

Turtle Tortoise

A turtle uses 3 parts of his body to help himself survive: the jaw, feet, and shell. Every turtle has a smooth shell his/her back. This shell protects turtle by it being strong and how the turtle able to pull their limbs into it. Turtles also have strong jaws. The jaw acts as teeth as a turtle has none. It is used for eating plants, small fish and protecting himself. Turtles live in water, so they have webbed feet. These let them swim and get away from predators. A turtle uses these body parts to help himself survive.

This is the regular life cycle of a sea turtle. First, a female lays her eggs in the sand of a beach. After this, the eggs hatch in 6 weeks to 2 months. Next, the turtles dig up from the sand and head to the ocean. Now the turtles live in the ocean eating plants and shrimp until adulthood. Finally, when it reaches adulthood, the turtle will find a mate. This was the life cycle of a sea turtle.

Humans affect turtle's lives in many ways. Turtle population is declining quickly. Turtles are a good food source for many predators such as raccoons, ants, crabs and humans. Ants, crabs, and raccoons dig up turtle's eggs from the sand and eat them. Humans kill turtles for meat. Humans also use turtle's shells for themselfs. They use them for combs, cups, shoes, fans, and jewelry. Some places this is illegal, but to this day it still happens. Waste as well as beach activities are also a threat. Beach activities scare mother turtles, causing them to not lay. Waste can be eaten and choked on. These things cause turtle's population to decline.

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