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The Bog Turtle - 4 inch long shell - lives in Eastern U.S. foothills- burrows for insects and other food sources- small areas of land are left for them

Coahuila Box Turtle- Its front and back shells look like a box- found in freshwater- reason of endangerment- threat from pumping water and resedential use

Endangered Turtles

Red River Giant Turtle- Only four of them left- Two in China to produce eggs that haven't hatched- third in Vietnam as symbol of indeoendence- fourth in native natural wetland

Myanmar River Turtle- Only a dozen exist in upper Chindwin river of Burma- so little because of hunting and habitat destruction- eggs are collected and raised in Mandalay Zoo

Annam Pond Turtle- reason for endangerment- intense hunting and food trade in China- held in captivity then released in the wild

Yunnan box Turtle- Considered extinct until small group was found in China- kept a secret to conserve the species

Southeast Asian Giant soft shelled Turtle- One of the largest in the world- habitats destroyed because of daming and pollution- also it is collected and hunted

Roti Snake Necked Turtle- discovered in 1994 in Indonesia- in pet trade around the world- collected into near extinction- conservationists trying to breed more

Central American River Turtle- very expensive if caught- only feeds off of vegetation and plant life

Red Crowned River Turtle- Eggs and turtles were collected for food - habitat had changed because it was moved


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