turtle in paradise

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turtle in paradise

Character Name:Turtle She's the main character/ narrator.

Turtle In Paradise

Hmm...What does she look like?In my mind I think that Turtle is a skinny, medium heighted,11 year-old girl. She is blonde, and unlike her mother, who has soft blue eyes, has "gray as soot" eyes. According to her. She wears light colored dresses with a pair of Mary Janes that her father had bought her. The picture to the right shows a picture of what i think she might look like in real life. But instead of a dog, she has a cat named smokey that she dearly loves.

Story Samples!! :D

" "I'm not sweet," I said. " I slugged Ronald Caruthers when he tried to throw my cat in the well, and I'd do it again." "

Curry Lane has never seemed longer than when I'm running down it toward Mama.My hat flies off, but I can't be bothered to stop; nothing's going to keep me from my mother.

" "I'm Turtle," I say."Turtle?" the boy, Beans, says. "What kind of name is that?""At least I'm not named atfer somehting that gives you gas," I say. "

Character Reactions: Most of the characters in the story love Turtle. But when her aunt Minnie first took her into her home, she was not pleased with the idea of having another mouth to feed. She soon got used to having her around and didn't feel this way anymore. Her mother LOVES her so deeply and so does her dad. At the end of the story however, he betrayed her and her mother by taking all of Turtle's money and leaving them with Aunt Minnie. Turtle has a handfull of cousins in Key West, Florida and they all care about her, well except for Beans. He is rude and sometimes mean to her, until near the end of the story when he loosens up. In my opinion though, I think he cares for her too.

My Feelings Towards the Character: I think that Turtle is a very strong young girl who is tough but still has room for a soft side. I feel as if she is one of my sisters, Melanie. Just like turtle, she is tough, determined and is a softie at times. Melanie and Turtle both count their kitties as part of their family and wouldn't want to live without them. Also, I think that as the story went on, Turtle let her soft side grow even more than when she was back home in New Jersey with her mama.

<-- Turtle loved the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie".

By: Gianna Aquino

Book by Jennifer L. Holm


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