[2013] Elizabeth Csikai (Class of 2017): Turtle in Paradise

by Pickering
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[2013] Elizabeth Csikai (Class of 2017): Turtle in Paradise

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Finding Turtle's Treasure

( A movie based on the awardwinning Jennifer L. Holm's novel Turtle in Paradise )

Starring:Turtle The Diaper GangAunt Minnie Uncle VernonSadiebelle ArchieNana Philly

Turtle moves to Key West to live with relatives after her mother's new housekeeping job does not allow children.Turtle soon finds that living with her new family has its ups and downs. The kids set off on an adventure after finding a treasure map.Will they make it home safe?Will they find the treasure? Or . . . . did they have the treasure all along?

A MUST READ!!!!Florida Times Union2015


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