Turning in Assignments

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Turning in Assignments

Turning in Assignments

If you are not using Google Docs, please watch the tutorial entitled "Creating an Online Document" to learn how to turn your fact and opinion paragraphs into an online document.

Tutorials: Turning in Assignments

Step Two: Turn in your fact and opinion paragraphs in the Edmodo assignment box called, "Sixth Grade PROJECT TASK: Fact and Opinion Paragraphs". (Click this board) Also, share a link to your document on your small group Edmodo page. Watch the tutorial called "Using Edmodo Drop Boxes" for help turning in your paragraphs. If you do not have Edmodo, watch "Using the Emergency Drop Box".

Step Three: Begin proofreading each other's work. Each set of paragraphs should receive at least three meaningful/constructive comments and each author should make at least three improvements to his/her paragraphs.

Step One: Have you changed the share settings of your essay to "Anyone with the link can comment"? The tutorial "Using Google Docs" will show you how.



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