[2015] Elin Sierra (6th Grade 15-16): Turner Field

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[2015] Elin Sierra (6th Grade 15-16): Turner Field

The Stadium

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Hall of Famers

Turner Field is a staidum that was built in 1996. Also, after Turner field was built they became quickly Atlanta Landmark

Well let me tell you something I seen the most amazing things at baseball games. Let me tell you it, on Father’s day a army man surprises his family and it was amazing! (tear)

After Turner field was built in 1996 they became quickly Atlanta Landmark. Also, Turner Field is full of entertainments!

Let’s get to the hall of famers. Let me say that we have a bunch of them! So I am going to name few of them. Henry Aaron, Earl Averill, Dave Bancroft, Orlando Cepeda, and Jimmy Collins. They were really good baseball players!

They have 3 McCanns Burgers that are really good and you should really try them. Next, The Braves Chop House: The Restaurant what you did not know we had a restaurant well we do we have the best food there come on down and try these. Also, we have H&F Burgers they are fantastic! So these are the type of food we have at Turner Field.

Home of the Braves mascot doing the Pledge of Allegiance


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