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Social Studies

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The Aegean and Meditarrenean climates are very similar to each other. In summer the weather is hot and dry and in winter it is extremly cold.

In Turkey we have so many traditional foods. Every region has it's own spesific desserts and dishes.. Aegean and Mediterranean regions use mostly vegetables and olive oil. (Such as beans,spinach and leek cooked using olive oil)


In Marmara however has a little bit of everything. Such as meatballs from Edirne, pismaniye from Bursa and baklava from Hatay.

Turkey is a quite big country. İts population is over 70 million. Turkey is in Eurasia,largely located in Asia and a smaller part in Europe. The Black Sea is to the Nort, the Mediterranean Sea to the South and the Aegean Sea to the west. The Sea of Marmara seperates Europe and Asia.

Food corner

Unlike the west side of country, the east side is more known for their rich quality food. They mostly use meat and butter in their foods. Also their desserts contain sherbet which is basically sugary water. The Black Sea region is famous for its fish and their special corn bred. They also produce more tea than any other region in Turkey.

And its lovely friend is Turkish coffee:)

Also we have special thing for u:) Turkish Delight!!

The capital city of our country

Our super hero

The weather is...



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