[2014] Levi Truitt: turkey

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[2014] Levi Truitt: turkey


History of the flag- The red on the flag represents the time of war survived by Turkey. The crescent and the star are signs from the Ottoman Empire. This flag became the official flag of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

The Turkish people enjoy a variety of sports. The most popular one however, is soccer. Basketball, volleyball, handball, and track&field are also popular. Handball is usually played in a gym and is the sport of soccer using your hands.

Turkans eat this food item at breakfast. It is called simit and is very popular in Turkey. Most of the Turkish people prefer to eat at home. They eat soup in the winter followed by vegetables. In the summer, they eat vegetables and potatoes with yogurt sauce.

Turkish dance includes many dances from the Ottoman empire. Line dance is very famous there. Popular dances include the Bar, the Halay, the Horon, and the Zeybek.

Times of WarThe War of Independence shaped this country greatly. It shifted the control of the government from the Ottoman government to the Ankara government, causing it to later become Turkey. At the time of the Cold Wark, the Republic of Turkey took part in the Korean War, going against their policy of neutrality. Turkey then joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and tried to "modernize" their troops.

GeographyTurkey is in the middle of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a mountainous country. One half of the country is over 1000 meters in elevation. The longest river in Turkey is the Kacocav River which flows into the Marmara Sea. Turkey is also home to Mt. Ararat, which towers at over 5000 meters. Turkey also has 3 mountains that are over 4000 meters and 129 that over 3000 meters.

Economy and ExportsTurkey is a world leader producer of agricultural products, textiles, motor vehicles, ships and other equipment used for transportation. The life flow of the economy comes mostly from the capital, Ankara. Turkey is 28th in the world in terms of item production.

Religon99.8% of Turkans of are followers of Islam. Though there is no official religion in Turkey, Islamic teachings are taught from elementary school to high school. There are different types of Islam practiced. Sunni Islam is the prodominant religion. Numbers are few, but there are Christians and those who follow Jewish religion. Spreading the gospel is hard in this kind of country where people are not open to outside thoughts and ideas. Some people have even gone to the extreme of killing christians because of their beliefs.


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