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REPETITIONIn his song, Tupac repeates a few lines to show their importace. Tupac repets the idea that we have to deal with how the world is today.AllusionTupac alludes to the middle east in his song. He says there is war everywhere, not just in the United States.

Song quotes

"Thats just the way it is" Tupac had a hard time growing up, he wanted to change the world to make it a better place, but it is very hard for one person to influence the whole world."Things will never be the same"Tupac is saying in his song that in the future there would be changes to better the world, but the world would never be how it it was in the past.



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Tupac is upset that the world can't make changes. He wanted the world to change but one person cannot influence the whole world. The life that Tupac lived was much harder than how we live our lives; Tupac says that in his song. He wanted to make changes to better the world because he cared about people, not just himself.



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