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Environmental Studies

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cuteness factor up by 100! These tundra animals are very common attraction to see in the beautiful tundra! These aniamls include polar bears, artic foxes, and, harp seals.

seeing the northern ligths is one of the greatest things to do in the tundra. But if you want to take a better view how about a plane around the tundra!?

the climate is usually cold all year roun. the temeratures over a four month peroid are 50 degrees (1 celulus). Also there is hardly ever any precipitation so u dont have to worry about rain in snow. But because of the low temperatures I would bring jackets and hats!

gorgeous scenery that can bring tears to your eyes is what your in for along with the adorable animal life that have made habitats here in the tundra.

the most comon plants that grow in the tundra are wooly lousewort, the Tundra Mossberry and the Wild Iris.

the beautiful ice hotels consist of ice resturantss, outdoor beds for a better experiecnce and the classic ice bedroom to crash in during your stay!

the food in the tundra is great for all you fish and shellfish lovers. Their most popular sea food are crab and rainbow trout. And if you are someone who doesnt like fish well your in luck the tundra has a wide varity of edible berries.


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