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Vegetation:Because of the frozen soil no trees can grow, there is mostly different types of algea, mosses, and lichens that grow,and even a few bushes grow.

Animals:The common types of animals in the tundrais Ox, Polar Bear, Reindeer(caribou), arctic fox, snow owl, and many birds and insects.

Location:The Tundra is mostly located near the coast of the arctic, or at 60 - 75 degrees latitude. The tundra is also near the North Pole.The Seasons:The Tundra winter is very harsh with temperatures -18 - -50 degrees, but the summer is cool with temperatures 35 - 50 degrees, in the summer snow turns to soggy marshes(the tundra gets indirect sunlight, which is when the sun is out, but there is little heat), in the winter almost everything is frozen and it is very cold outside. Precipitation Levels:There is very low rain in the year, only 5 - 15 inches per year in the summer. Description:The Tundra climate is a year round cold climate, coverd in frost and snow. Facts:1) The tundra is covering a fifth of the world.2) In summer at night the temperature can go to -20 degrees, and in winter it can go into -40 degrees.3) The winters are much longer than the summers.


Melting Snow/Avalanche


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