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Social Studies

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The Tundra gets around 15 inches of precipataion a year. It gets so little because the sun is not warm enough to Evaporate the water.

AnimalsThere are a few animals that live in this harsh biome. Some are Artic Fox, Artic Hare, Polar Bear, and Musk Oxen. It is a constant strugle for these animals. They have to adapted to survive. In the summer time the ice melts so the polar bear has to hunt fast or the seals are all gone. If you put a regular rabbit into the artic it would freeze. It also would not know where to look for food.



There are many plants in the Tundra. There are moses, Artic Shrubs, and Ferns. These plants must be able to survive extremly cold winters. They must adapt to not getting much water. They have to grow low and grow fast. They also have grow close together to minor the effects of the cold. They must also have small leafs to keep in moisture , and must be able to produce flowers very quick. Some plants like lichens are able to grow on bare rock.

FactsLarge trees are not able to grow because the long roots are unable to grow in the permafrost.The Tundra has a variety of 400 plants but only 48 animal specieces. During the summer they have sunlight 24 hours a day. The Tundra covers about 20% of the world.

The Musk Oxen isn't white like other animals in the tundra.

Artic Shrub


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