Tundra Biome

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Tundra Biome

The high temperature is 50°F, the low temperature is -76°F. The average temperature is 10 to 20°F.

My snowybou has wings and talons to fly away from predators and to scratch at its predators and it has feathers for warmth.

Some animals that live in the tundra are snowy owl, polar bear, caribou, musk ox,and the arctic fox.

The type of precipitation is snow or rain and is usually 10 inches per year.

Some abiotic factors are rocks, permafrost, and dirt.

The summer is only 10 weeks long.

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Some plants that live in the tundra are cotton grass, lichen, and cushion plants.

Tundra BiomeBy Katelyn D.

My snowybou has hooves and feet of a caribou for swimming and walking and it has antlers and flat teeth of a caribou for finding and eating food.


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