Tucker Carroll - Skeleton Creek

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Tucker Carroll - Skeleton Creek

Starring:*Ryan McCray*Sarah Fincher*Old Joe Bush*Henry


Guess who has this Birdie tattoo and what it means?

Ryan's Journal:An inside look at his thoughts with the password to view one of Sarah's videos!

The Ghost of Old Joe BushAre you scared?

Check out this clip of Skeleton Creek

The DREDGE!Want to take a trip here? Is the secrets worth your life? Will the ghost of Old Joe Bush get you for getting near the gold?

Sarah and Ryan mapping out their adventure! Where are they headed?

In the dark mountains of Skeleton Creek in Oregon, Sarah and Ryan set out to an abandoned gold dredge haunted by Old Joe Bush who died there. After an accident that keeps Ryan at home, and their parents forbidding them to see each other, Sarah using her video camara and Ryan writing in his journal make discoveries by piecing together the connections about the Dredge, what really happened to Joe and the secret society Ryan's dad may have been a part of. This story will leave you on the edge of your seat. Read the journal and watch the videos. Will you be frieghtened?


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