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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting By: Natalie BabbittCreated By: Haley Wheeler

With Winnie missing, her family is worried and we begin to learn more about a man in a yellow suit that we meet earlier. He has a plan to get Winnie home for them and also gain land for the exchange. This exchange will change his life and the world all because of the water. The man in the yellow suit gets the law involved to take down the Tuck family. However, the Tucks are not ready to give in to the secert or society. Mae Tuck fights back and makes the challenge worse by now having to face the law for murder. With only hours to spare to run away, Jesse meets with Winnie at her home to share that he left her some water to drink when she turned 17 so they could live a happy life together. There is also the talk of how to help Mae out of jail before she gets hung. Winnie wants to help. But how? Winnie decides to become to decoy for Mae in the jail so the Tucks can get far away.

This story takes us back in time to meet a little girl named Winnie Foster. She is a curious young girl that wants to explore but does not get many opportunites. One day she ran into two brothers and their mother on her families property. They have a secert that they want to share but feel Winnie needs to go with them to share it. Winnie is confused at first but then feels welcome with the Tuck family and sees them as friends. The Tuck family's secert can relate to the Foster family, however, they are the only ones that have been affected. The pond does not hold just any water. This water can change the way people live FOREVER, by letting them live forever. We discover that Jesse (youngest Tuck) is actaully 104 years old but is stuck in a 17 year old body. With that, we learn that this struggle has changed the way the family can live. People see them as the devil and they can not create any new generations for their family. They have lost friends, children, family, and property because of this water.

What is the secert?

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Would you want an eternal life?

IT WORKS!! Finally, we know the Tucks get out and we wait for a decsion from Winnie on the water. In the last chapter we learn that she uses the bottle of water that Jesse brought her to keep. She claims that she will go back to the pond to get more when she does turn 17 and leaves us hanging on a hook. Does she drink the water? In the epilogue, we meet the Tucks again and learn that Winnie has past away. How do you think she lived her life?


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