Tuck Everlasting

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Tuck Everlasting

This story is a fantasy about a family named Tuck who accidentally stumble upon a spring in a wood, which has the ability to give eternal life. They don’t realize at first what they have drunk until they realize that their bodies are not aging and they cannot be hurt or harmed in any way. They travel quietly around the countryside; never staying in one place too long so that people will not realize their secret. Into this family comes Winnie Foster, a little girl in search of freedom. She learns their secret and falls in love with them so deeply that she will do anything to protect them. The family and Winnie then must face a villain who would steal their secret for himself.Clapsaddle, Diane. "TheBestNotes on Tuck Everlasting". TheBestNotes.com. 2 September 2015. 30 March 2015 .

Tuck Everlasting

In my opinion I want to say how much I loved this book. It was a great read. I loved the adventure and all that happened. The book is different from the movie, so you can't watch it and say, this is how the book is; but I can say I like them both for telling a great story.


Winnie Foster: Curious 10 yr. old, who gets involved with the Tuck family. Jessie Tuck: The younger son, 17 yr.old, who is adventurous, likes Winnie, and is the one that gets her invovled with the climax of the story.Man in the yellow suit: Knows the secret of the Spring that makes, the Tucks immortal. He wants to share the secret. Mae Tuck: Mom of Tuck Family, protects Winnie and the family, very loving and gental. Angus Tuck: Father of Tuck Family, protects then and is very caucious of their surrounds and family. Miles Tuck: The eldest son, not always the happiest, he had a family and left them because of his immortality.


The fictional town of Treegap, the wood, and the home of the Tucks in the year 1880 and in the year 1950.Clapsaddle, Diane. "TheBestNotes on Tuck Everlasting". TheBestNotes.com. 2 September 2015. 30 March 2015 .



Favorite Quote"Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of unlived life. You don't have ot live forever, you just have to live."

AUTHORNatalie Babbitt

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