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Prognosis-Full recovery with the right treatment and help -If no medication or help from doctor the sickness can lead to death

Definition Tuberculosis is a serious infection that mainly effects your lungs in breathing. The bacteria that causes TB are spread from person to person and can be very dangerous.

Reasearch Frontiers -CORE group - World Health Oranization


Treatment -Antibiotics for at least 6-9 months - In the early 1900's you used to have to have surgery but most medicians will cure TB- Isoniazid, rifampin,ethanmbuto, pyraznamide

BiblographyHait Tom, Global Turberculosis Reportreport France world health organization copyright 2014 print;Raviglione, Mario Engage-TB Geneua, switzerland publish Italy copyright 2012 print;

symptoms - A bad cough that wold last three weeks or more-pain in chest ,chills, no appetite,weight loss, fever,coughing up blood - feeling week or fatiuque

Types of TB or Turberculosislaten Tb= not able to be spread and wont have any symptoms active TB= can be spread and can get sick

overviewThe system that TB effects is the respitory system. the respitory system helps you breath and involves your lungs and uses the procces called respiration by breathing in oxygen and carbon dioxide.


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