[2016] Khaliah Landrum: Time Traveling Toilets

by lageek
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[2016] Khaliah Landrum: Time Traveling Toilets

October 4, year 476

Janurary 13 , year 1596

May 2, year 1775

July 30 , year 1778

Febuary 12, year 1852

Roman Empire falls and sophisticated plumbing vanishes for centuries!

Jhon Harignton invents the Ajax. Flush toilets were invented for Elizabeth the 1st of England. Flush valve and a wash down design to empty the bowl.

Alex Cummings invents the S-STRAP, this toilet is still used today, prevents foul air to escape from the sewer, sliding valve in the bowl outlet above the strap.

Joseph Bramah invented crank valve that sealed the bottom of the bowl and a float valve system for the tank. Used mainly on boats.

Goerge Jennings invented a wash out design with a shallow pan emptying into an S-STRAP

Time Traveling Toilets






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