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Causes:- Underwater Earthquakes - Underwater Volcanoes- Sub-marine rock slides- Asteroids- MeteroidsA majority of Tunamis happyn as a result of underwater earthquakes, but their magnitude has to reach 6.75 on the Richter Scale in order to create the tsunamis.

Tsunami come from the Japanese words for harbor wave. A Tsunami is a series of huge waves produced by an underwater disturbance.


The size of Tsunamis varies from case to case. When the tsunami is creating out in the deap sea, it's height is very miniscule, some times only being a few feet tall. Its wavelength however ,is incredibly large. The distance from one crest to the next can be up to several hundred miles long. Once the wave starts migrating across the ocean towards the shore, which can take only a few hours, the depth of the water starts decreasing. Once the trough hits the ocean floor, the wave slows down, decreases in wavelength, and increases greatly in height producing a wave that is over 100 meters tall.

Size of Tsunamis

Ring of Fire

An area in the Pacific Ocean where 90% of all Earthquakes take place. This is due to all of the volcanoes, ocean trences, and plate movement.

Indian Ocean Tsunami

On December 26, 2004 230,000 innocent people lost their lives due to a deadly tsunami. The waves of this storm hit over 100 feet, destroying much of Indonesia, India, and Thailand. It was one of the deadlist natural disasters to happen in our world.

Since most Tsunamis are created by Earthquakes, which are impossible to foreshadow, it is also impossible to predict a Tsunami. Once an Earthquake occurs though, computers and other methods can then be used to predict and warn about a Tsunami.




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    The swearing in the video makes this questionable for educational use.