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Earth Sciences

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A TSUNAMI IS A NATURAL DISASTER that could be deadly . A tsunami is a long tall sea wave caused by an earthquake or a submarine landslide.Also,tsunami waves are a series of water caused by the move of a large volume of a body of water . Finally, a tsunami mostly occurs around the pacific ocean.As you can see a tsunami waves can be very deadly.

SWISH!Here comes a tsunami,please help!read if you want to find more about tsunamis.Before a tsunami you should have an emergency kit ready and make a plan of action with your family.Also,before a tsunami the water starts sucking in. So get somewhere in a high building because the water is surrounding the ground. the average wind is about 460mph. In deeper water it moves faster!The height of a tsunami is not large ,but even if it were 40ft. high that height spreads over a distance of many miles.These are the safety,warnings and weather of a tsunami.oh!no!there goes a house.

Tsunamis are deadly damaging storms, tsunamis can hurl ships onto shores and break them into many pieces .Also, tsunamis can bend and break metal poles and has human loss!Finally, tsunamis destroy buildings for an example, on March 11, 2011, the Japanese tsunami destroyed buildings along th north-east coast.A tsunami is as destructive as a wrecking ball that has massive damage to property.

A tsunami could be very deadly. it could cost over 300 billion dollars in damage.Did you know a tsunami is measured by wave height and wave length.The world biggest tsunami was on July 9,1958 in Lituya bay,Alaska.this tsunami was 1720 feet high, the wind speed went up to 524 meters above sea level. This is an example of how deadly a tsunami can be.

BY: Macey Ruth


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