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Earth Sciences

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A tsunami wave speed is controlled by the water debth so if it shallow it goes slower if its deeper it goes faster. A tsunami wave can travel as fast as a jet.

Some of the oceans instraments can detecct tsunamis and othe disaters under the water.One of those instraments are the boy, the boy has a sensor in it that can detect tsunamis and other disaters under the water.

IntroductionI decided to do tsunamis because when we did it as with Mr marches, Mr wishearts and my class we studded earthquakes, so I decided to do tsunamis because I wanted to look for new information and I have leant a lot about tsunamis. I am really glad that I decided to do tsunamis. I hope you enjoy learning about them just as much as I did.

Has a tsunami ever occured in Australia?There is evidence that the Australian coast had very deadly tsunamis thousands of years ago. Evidence is shown through deposits of shells, coral and boulders.

When the wave reaches land it has shallow water which makes it slow down. When the water column is in deeper water it moves slightly faster and catches up which makes the wave higher.

ConclusionWe had a short project on natural disasters . When we did this short project I did tsunamis. I found that a tsunami waves can reach up to 11 meters is a normal/ small tsunami, 20 meters is extreme, I found that really fascinating because I thought that a tsunami wave height is normally the same height every time. We also had enough time to do it which was what was really good so that means I can hand it up on the day. Here are three facts that I learnt that I thought were interesting. When an earthquake happens underwater it disturbs the ocean floor which causes tsunamis. Tsunamis have a small amplitude which is less then one meter, but a tsunami is very long in wave length sometimes it can be hundreds of kilometers. The slope f the wave or steepness is very small, so small that the human eye practically cant see this happening, this happens in the deep ocean.

Alot of scientists believe that thetsunami in 1998killed thousands of people, destroyed alot of villages along the northern coast of Papua-New Guinea, it was generated by a large underwater slump of sedinentwhich was trigged by an earthquake, this tells me that anything that disturbs the ocean floor can cause a tsunami.

The largest tsunami ever recrded was in Lituya Bay, Alaska July the 9th 1958, it was caused by a rock fall, the tsunami was 30 meters [100ft] in height.

I wonder questionWhy do Tsunamis happen?Tsunami are actually waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean due to earthquakes, landslides on the sea floor, land slumping into the ocean, major volcanic eruptions or large meteorite impacts.


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