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It destroys habit, kills animals (In Thailand, for instance, dolphins were swept 500 yards (500 meters) inland. Many dead and injured sea turtles were left high and dry, and a three-foot (one-meter) shark ended up in a hotel swimming pool. Beaches were littered with dead fish as well as human .)

*Stay away from beaches*Go on higher ground levels* Leave your things*Help younger children*Never leave a pet behind*Listen to the emergency broadcast if there is an announcement of evacuation then do as it says.


What is a Tsunami??Tsunami is a type of storm that involves water and huge waves. Tsunami is giant waves caused by earthquake or volcanic eruption under the sea.

What kind of damage Tsunami inflict on structures??FloodingBuilding destroyed by the high Tsunami wavesBridges, shopping, mall can easily be destroyed by Tsunamis.


What is the impact of a Tsunami on natural environment?

How do human protect themselves from the force of Tsunami??

A tsunami is usually caused by an earthquake but can also be caused by a volcanic eruption, landslide, rapid changes in atmospheric pressure, or a meteorite.A tsunami is not just one big wave, but a series of waves called a “wave train.” The time period between waves is called the “wave period” and can be between a few minutes and two hours. The first wave is usually not the strongest, and later waves, such as the fifth or sixth, may be significantly larger.

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