Tsunami in japan

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Tsunami in japan

Japan Tsunami

interesting factsThe tsunami also reached alaska,Hawaii and chile.The tsunami was 6.6 feet which is (2 metres) high. When the tsunami reached the shore, the Pacific Tusnami Waning Centre reported.

before the tsunami hit

after the tsunami hit

how a tsunami is createdTsunamis are often generated by massive ruptures beneath the earth's surface underneath the oceans floor.

Japan tsunamiThe Japan tsunami started march 11 2011. a margnitude-9 tsunami hit the northeast japan.

when it happendedMarch 2011-at 2:46 pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles north east of toyko. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 foot waves that damaged several houses in the area. it is the fourth largest earthquake on record( since 1900)

where the tsunami hitthe japan tsunami hit north east of tokyo,it caused a big mess and lost of people lots there lives.

The epicenter was traveling 80 miles east of japan. It was traveling 700 kilometres per hour. The tsunami waves were 3-38 meters tall.


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