[2015] K N: Tsunami

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[2015] K N: Tsunami

An earthquake and a Tsunami struck at the Indian ocean and it hit Thiland and effect lots of near bye country.an massive surges have been hit by a earthquke.The wall of water fanned out across the Indian Ocean at high speed and slammed into coastal areas with little or no warning.

The tsunami that happen at Boxing day at Asian country that was hit by an earthquake and a huge tsunami that happen a few minutes later

It killed 10,000 people and over and destroyed lots of tall building and homes and people losing there lives from it

What are some country that has been affected?Jayanti Lakshmi, Sri Lanka, Thailand.


Boxing Day, 2004Created by Kupa Nio

How bad was the damage?

What's Tsunami?

help raise money for the community and the people and homes that had been destroyed by an underwater earthquake that caused an tsunami to happen and struck the Indian ocean.

How could you repare the damage?

What happen

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How fast was the speed of the tsunami?The wind speed was 800km/h and 497mph.


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