[2015] Trisha Kabra: TSUNAMI

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[2015] Trisha Kabra: TSUNAMI

A tsunami is a series of waves or wave train, most likely caused by and earthquake or volcano.

Tsunamis are mostly caused by earthquakes or volcanoes, but sometimes landslides, explosions or meteorites can also cause one.

Properties are destroyed, lives are lost, nothing could be worse. The whole place will lose it's structure and would have to be rebuilt.

People are connected when they go to help people who have suffered a tsunami. They meet, they greet, they help them and they become good friends. This is good because whenever one of them is in need, they will always have a friend who will help them.

When countries have a tsunami, other countries go to help. Their bond grows stronger. That means, when any of those countries are in trouble, they will come to help.

Tsunamis make the land wear away a lot. Many people and animals die, and those who don't are very badly injured. They also catch very bad diseases. Many properties are damaged and serious flooding can be caused aswell.

Tsunamis can leave deadly diseases behind. Many people die aswell. There is not enough of a warning to form an escape plan. Most poeple who live near the coast will die an instant death.

This map shows where tsunamis occur and what chance the countries have of a tsunami, although most happen in the Pacific or Indian Ocean.

What is a tsunami?

By Trisha

Where do tsunamis occur?

How do tsunamis connect places?

How do tsunamis connect people?

How do tsunamis affect people?

What is the effect of a tsunami?

How do tsunamis change places?

What is the cause of a tsunami?

Tsunamis are measured by their runup. The runup is the difference between the checked sea level and how far the waves reached on shore.

How do people measure tsunamis?



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