True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

by sranzau
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True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

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Facing a Storm

The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleAvi

Traveling Facts:-Women were not allowed to interact with the crew-Women were expected to stay in their cabins below decks-Crossing from England to America took at least two month-Captains and officers kept very strict rules on ship to avoid mutiny- Sailors often began their careers as young boys who had no home- Merchant ships crossed the oceans several times a year- There was no way to tell the weather ahead of you

-Food included very little fresh fruit and vegetable, it was primarily salted pork (so it wouldn't go bad), ships biscuits, molasses, cheese that could be kept (mold could be cut off), fish that was caught, and rum-The cook was usually a sailor who couldn't properly sail any longer

Hardtack - made of wheat, water, a little salt and sometimes bugs for protein

The Seahawk

Upperclass women: modest, have servants, weak, kept away from sun, did not have jobs, needed protection, thought to be dumb and weakminded

Gentlemen: lived by code of honor, had the law on their sides, the only ones with true rights, were respected because of their titles not their deeds

Sailors: few could read, few had families, often joined a ship as boys, had no savings (spent money as soon as they were in port), lived by the laws of their captains, thought of as worthless in society


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