Tropical Savanna

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Tropical Savanna

AnimalsSome animals found in Darwin, Austrailia are crocodiles, wombats, dingos, lions, tigers, and monkeys.

VegetationThe Darwin, Australia vegetation consists of eucalypt forests, trees, and shrubs.

Prevailing WindsThe prevailing winds in Darwin, Australia are southeast trade winds. this means that the wind is coming from the southeast and is blowing northwest.

SoilThe soil in Darwin, Australia is dry and has lots of clay and sand. It doesn't have good, fertile farming soil.

ResourcesNonrenewable: coal, copper, gold, iron ore, oil, uranium, and natural gas.Renewable: solar energy, wind energy

ClimateAustralia has a mild climate with lots of rainfall from December-March.

Tropical SavannaDarwin, AustraliaAbbie and Chloe


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