Tropical Rainforest

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Tropical Rainforest

Forest Floor

Tropical Rainforest

What are the layers of the Tropical Rainforest?

WATCH ME!!What types of wildlife live in the Tropical Rainforest?

Emergent Layer


Upper Canopy

Trees are widespread that range 100 - 240 feet tall.These trees tend to have small, pointed leaves due to the drying winds.

Trees range from 60 - 130 feet tall.The upper canopy shades most of the layers below it from light.There is an abundance of animals and wildlife that live in the Upper Canopy due to the vast amount of food. In fact, most animals never even go to the forest floor!

Consists of trees ranging at 60 feet tall. Most of these are the trunks of trees in the Upper Canopy and Emergent layer. This layer is made up of shrubs and small trees. Humidity is constantly high due to the lack of air movement.

This layer is almost completely shaded where plants and shrubs can't even grow! Less than 1% of light makes it through to the forest floor.

Upper Canopy

Forest Floor


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