Tropical Rainforest

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Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

King Cobra

Silvery Gibbon

Harpy Eagle

The king cobra can grow to be from 12 to 18 ft long, they can weigh from 12 to 20 pounds.The king cobra can have a fang up to 1/2 inches long and there skin color can be brown, black, or olive. They eat mainly other snakes but will eat lizards frogs or any small mammals.It perfers to live in the tropical rainforest because they need much food to eat and there are many habitats for the snake there like dens

The Silvery gibbon is a small ape that weighs around 13 pounds, it has no tail and long arms and fingers with gray fur.It eats fruit high on tree tops. It perfers to live in the rainforest because they need tall trees to swing and to eat the trees fruit

The Harpy eagleusually ways about 4 to 18 pounds.It usually is about 36 in to 40 intches in body length, They have slate black feathers on the top and light grey underneath but it also is one of the biggest eagles.The harpyeagle eats monkeys, sloths, opossums, iguanas, large rodents, and other birds.The eagle needs to live in the rainforest because the animal needs lots of space lots of trees and plenty of food to eat.

Kapok tree

Bengal bamboo


The kapok tree can grow up to 150ft or more.Its bark can be pinkish white to ashy brown and has large spines to protect its trunk.The kapok tree perfers the rainforest because it is home to many animals and needs the rain and sun to survive

The jambu is the smallest fruit in a group called the syzgium genus.It grows from 10 to 20 ft in height and has leathery leaves.the plant has short thick stems and at the end of the stem it is narrower and the leaves are 2 to 10 inches long

Bengal bamboo grows between 40 to 80 ft tall.It has dark green straight stalky stems and long and narrow leaves.The plant perfers to live in the rainforest because it likes areas with lots of rainfall and tempratures from 40 to 100 degrees

Tropical Rainforest

The rainforest is located near the equator so it can get all the sunlight it needs for all the plants and animals that live there also it covers less than 6 percent of the worlds surface

The rainforest produces 40 percent of earths oxygen.It has more trees than any other area in the world and also 1/4 of all medicines come from rainforest plants

The rainforest is very humid.It gets 50 to 250 inches of rain per year.The rainforest has year round warmth and usually gets higher than 93 degrees or lower than 68 degrees

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