Tropical Rainforest

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Environmental Studies

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Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

Earths greatest acomplashment

Tualng:The tualang tree is very big and can get as big as 30 stories high. It is not a very good wood because it splinters and is very hard. The tualng is known for its huge bees nests. it has adapted a super sllek trunk and sap that iritates the skin.

Gorillas live very sociable lives and raise their young in the gruop. young males haver to set out to find there own group and seek domanance. the only predators they have are maybe jaguars that carry away there young.

Chimps are very closly related to humans. We only differ in only 500 genes. They live in gruops and are very sociable. Their only predatures are jaguars and the huge boa constricters.

Boa constrictors are solitary animals unless their reproducing. They can grow to huge sizes and that alows them to eat that much. They have only some preadatures as babys but they are usally top of the food chain.

Poisin Dart Frogs are some of the deadlyist things on earth. They produce piosin strong enough to kill 10 full grown men. These amphipians have exeptional Parenting skills. They will carry there young up huge trees that are hunderds of feet tall to take their young to safety.

Tigers are fersome predatures. They have masive amounts of teritory. the females are responsible for the caring and nurtering of the young.they are masive and strong helping them take down their prey.

kapoks are native to south america but have spread to west africa and asia. It reaches a impresive hieght of 150 feet. An impresive adaptaion it has spikes covering it.

The durian tree is very ancient and is belived to be one of the first to rely on animals to spread their seeds. These trees grow in southeast asia. They say it can live up to 80 or 150 years old. Although some believe that the tree will live forever unless blown down in a storm or cut down.

Bougainvillea is a beatiful plant that has flowers on a shrub tree or on vines with thorns on them for protection. they grow up to 30 feet long. They can be pink,red,orange,yellow and white.

The Jambu grows in indonisia. It is a shrub or tree that grows from 10 to 20 feet high. it produces a tasty fruit that has 1-3 seeds in it. This fruit is highly depended on by animals in the rainforest for there diet.

The climate of the rain forest is hot and humid. it has a dry season and a wet season. The best time to travel is during the day when you have the most visability so you dont run into preadatures. The Rainforest is hilly and mountainis.


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