tropical rainforest

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tropical rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

Rainforest Video

Soil ConditionsThe soil in rainforests are usally poor in nutrients. This is because the trees take all the nutrients from the soil. The decomposing dead plants and animals relase nutrients in the soil. As a result, the plants extract the nutrients before the soil can absorb the minerals. This is why the rainforest is so full of thriving life forms despite the poor soil.

ClimateTropical rainforests usally have greater than 200 cm of percipitation per year! That is a lot of rain. Tropical rainforests are near the equator, so their climate stays at around 20-30 degrees celsius all year.

Plant LifePlants in the tropical rainforest can water themselves. This is the process of transperation. This is when plants release water into the atmosphere then the water comes down as rain.

Animal LifeDid you know that tropical rainforests house almost 50% of all plants and animals in the world? This is incredible because rainforests take up only 2% of the world. Animals living in tropical rainforests must be able to adapt to warmer, damp climates.

by Kasia Swintak

Did You Know...Deforestation-In tropical rainforests, people are cutting down trees and tearing out the rainforests for profit on wood and paper products. This needs to be stoped! The tropical rainforests are only 2% of our world. If they take down all the rainforests, we could lose almost half of our plants and animals on earth! Also, the rainforest produces one fourth of the world's oxygen. Imagine what would happen!

TerrainThe terrain of tropical rainforests are quite beautiful.From the magestic green mountains to the plains it is more diverse in its landscape than you might think. There are river valleys like the famous Amazon River that are also included in the terrain.

Did You Know...70% of anti-cancer plants are rainforest plants

Did you know...A section of rainforest the size of a football field is being distroyed each second.


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