tropical rainforest

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tropical rainforest


The tropical rain forest has a diversity of animal species with different adaptations according to this biome. Because there are many trees in the rainforest mammals have strong limbs that enable them to climb trees to reach food, some of them may have also prehensile tails.Some animals camouflage so that they cannot be seen by their predator or prey.

Tropical rainforest are some of the most diverse places on earth that house more than fifty percent of the earth’s animals,insects and a wide variety of plant species according to this type of environment.

Mining, argicultural expansion, hydroelectric power stations,roads for transportation, cattle ranches and comertial loggin are the causes of desforestation and destruction of animal habitat, produceing a desequilibrium in the ecosystem.

They are located in Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia placed near the equator. An example of a rainforest is the Amazon in the southwest of Brazil.