Tropical Grassland

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Tropical Grassland

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Tropical Grassland

Mainly between latitudes 5° and 15° north and south of the Equator.



· Climatically determined savannahs (African) develop in regions with marked wet and dry seasons· Rainfall ranges between 100 and 400 mm a year.· Variation in vegetation according to rainfall;a) When the rainfall is 100-200 mm, generally only grasses can survive the dry season.b) When the rainfall reaches 300 mm the soil retains enough water to sustain shrubs through the dry season as well.c) When the rainfall exceeds 300 mm, enough water is left to support solitary trees.d) When rainfall exceeds 400 mm, enough moisture remains during the dry season to allow trees to grow and form a canopy, which shades out the grasses.

water : very wet temperature : warm soil : lots of nutrients

Baobab tree,Candelabra Tree,Jarrah Tree


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